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Clearwater, Florida Air Conditioning Repairs and Maintenance
Homeowners living in the Clearwater, Florida area must take extra precautions when it comes to the maintenance of their HVAC system. The presence of sea salt causes expedited corrosion of not only the exterior condenser coil guards but many of the interior components as well. One of the worst case scenario failures is a leak in the condensing coil. Often times the HVAC distributor does not stock the warranty parts. Although the heat pump or AC system can have refrigerant added while the part is delivered, that may add to the already expensive replacement costs. Smaller electrical components can also be adversely affected. It is highly recommended that homeowners carry an annual maintenance agreement to ensure they won't be seeking AC repair Clearwater as often as they would otherwise. By carrying an annual maintenance agreement, your system is guaranteed to be properly diagnosed twice annually. Parts that are about to or are likely to fail before the next visit can often be replaced for a fraction of the cost if there is a demand repair in Clearwater during the middle of the summer. A last bit of advice that homeowners can take on their own is regular replacement of the filters. This ensures your air stays clean and your system is not working extra hard pulling air through dirt and other debris.